1. Clean carpets!! Stairs, bedroom, and living room are like new(ish). My body hurts. I want Cheezits. #adulting

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  2. This is comfy? Silly puppy! #yorkiesofinstagram #tuckerboo

  3. So this is how day one of the new dog door is going. #bettyandtheboo #superconfused #yorkiesofinstagram #westiesofinstagram


  4. Book Review: Sweetness #9

    Book Review: Sweetness #9

    I don’t know what I was expecting when I started Sweetness #9. I had been hearing nothing but praise, I was vaguely aware of the Colbert connection, but hadn’t read so much as a plot summary before I picked this novel up for reviewing. Upon reading the inside flap, my expectations grew muddier if that was possible. My reaction was basically: A novel about a flavor chemist? Not sure where that’s…

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  5. I get WAY too excited when my school gets a shout out in books. #Sweetness9 #goags!

  6. First #PSL of the season. It may be nearly 80 degrees outside, but it’s fall in my mouth! #fall #bestseason #pumpkinEVERYTHING

  7. Winning team name. #obsessed #CappieandCasey4ever


  8. Blog Tour: Flings

    Blog Tour: Flings @my19thcentury @TLCBookTours

    tlc tour hostWelcome to my very first blog tour post! I’m so excited to have been invited by TLC Book Tours to be a part of promoting Justin Taylor’s new collection of short stories, Flings.

    Flingsis a collection of stories about characters caught at some kind of turning point or crossroads. There’s a group of friends just graduated from college, a pair of boys whose friendship changes dramatically over the…

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  9. Kicking it old school. #AAR #swingswing #middleschool

  10. My boyfriend > your boyfriend. #Greek

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